Trailer Talk: 'Ghost Rider' Sequel Soups Up The Action


It’s the sequel everyone’s been waiting for.

No, not quite. But at least it’s not “Next, Next” or “Season of the Witch: Fall’s Back, Baby.”

“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” is coming our way in February, and that means Nicolas Cage is out to make amends for the pedestrian origin film. The newest trailer suggests he may have done just that.

Sure, the laugh lines still lack the pop of a Grade A Superhero flick – “Spider-Man,” to name just one. But the action is intense and the special effects might just make up for a co-star (Violante Placido) who looks pretty lost on a movie set.

Superhero films, even the sub-standard models like “Green Lantern,” make coin, period. So it makes fiscal sense to try another “Ghost Rider” film on for size. The character isn’t like your standard cape bearer, and that grinning, flaming skull is one cool vision.

The real question is whether Cage can summon enough of his wacko side to balance out that bony exterior? If so, he may have brought the “Ghost” franchise back from the dead.


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