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Kim Jong Il Loved Hollywood and Movies (Except 'Team America')


Did you know, Kim Jong-Il, the now-dead slave master of North Korea, loved Hollywood films?

“The cinema occupies an important place in the overall development of art and literature. As such it is a powerful ideological weapon for the revolution and construction.”

So wrote Kim Jong-il in his 1987 essay The Cinema and Directing

How right he was.

And what isn’t there for a brutal, murderous dictator responsible for the oppression of millions to love about modern-day Hollywood; an institution that opposes liberty, worships the state, and can’t wait to suck up to a couple of other King Jong-Ils in the form of the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez?

But Kim was less than enamoured by Hollywood’s portrayal of his own regime.

When his beloved James Bond was captured and tortured during a North Korean mission in Die Another Day, the government called it “insulting to the Korean nation”.

But most scathing of all was Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Team America: World Police, in which a marionette of Kim Jong-il with a crudely-impersonated Korean accent sits at a piano singing: “I’m so ronrery [lonely].”

This parody of a vain and isolated leader is, to many Westerners, the presiding impression of Kim Jong-il.

God bless Trey Parker and Matt Stone who forever beclowned North Korea’s evil dictator during this shameful era when the rest of liberal Hollywood has forever disgraced themselves by embracing human rights abusers of the worst kind in both Cuba and Venezuela. Parker and Stone also proved how effective a brilliant piece of satire can be. This evil man will forever be a punchline.

Relive those NSFW moments below:


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