Morning Playlist: Fun with David Axelrod's Google Alerts

Histamines, “Legit Wax”

I promise this is the last time I toot my own horn here, and this is a special exception, as it’s a collaboration with a longtime friend and talented young producer, Steve Chab. While the two of us normally make electronica or rock, we decided to test out a different genre and cooked up five original funk songs. You can listen to the full Special Ultimate Unlimited Collector’s Edition here.

David Axelrod,”The Edge”

[youtube 6SJe8kbrTiY nolink]

This was the artist that inspired Steve to ask me to take on this project. Yes, you read the name correctly. And this is why I want every single one of you with a personal blog to create an entry titled “David Axelrod rules!” or “I love David Axelrod!” linking to this video or another D.A. song.

What strikes me about Axelrod and his contemporaries is that, in contrast to funk chart-toppers like Parliament and the Commodores, there’s an intense, almost menacing energy to their work. While the more lighthearted, party-soundtrack sound has its own magic, this darker, mysterious vein of funk served as much of the inspiration for Histamines and deserves a listen… and use in a pointless Google bombing campaign against a Democratic strategist.

Guided By Voices, “The Unsinkable Fats Domino”

[youtube UECwwR4jZ6M nolink]

From their new album, “Let’s Go Eat The Factory,” out January 1st. The appeal of ’90s rockers like GBV and Sebadoh was their straightforwardness; even though their lyrics may have been sardonic, their simple major-key melodies and crunchy, jangly guitars were anything but insincere. That simple, direct rock is easy enough to recreate, which fortunately means that GBV hasn’t lost its touch. It’s not the most inspired thing ever, and the digital recording is a smidgen less fuzzy and warm than the band sounded in its heyday, but it’s definitely far more solid than most reunion/return albums by veteran rockers.

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