Trailer Talk: 'Dorothy and the Witches of Oz' Sends Us Over the Rainbow Again

Flying monkeys, wicked witches and one very confused Dorothy.

No, Hollywood hasn’t gone and remade the beloved film classic “The Wizard of Oz.” Instead, filmmaker Leigh Scott (a Big Hollywood contributor) has taken the Oz saga and fashioned a whole new adventure from it.

[youtube WaC6RTsvkFQ nolink]

Dorothy and the Witches of Oz,” opening in select theaters Friday Feb. 17, asks what would happen if some of the magical, mystical creatures from Oz ended up in our own dimension?

The answer, in “glorious 2d” says the trailer, looks like the kind of fantasy young and old alike might enjoy given its PG rating.

The film stars Paulie Rojas (“The Last Resort”) as Dorothy, plus Christopher Lloyd, Billy Boyd, Mia Sara (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) and Lance Henriksen (“Aliens”). The new “Oz” follows children’s storyteller Dorothy Gale who learns that some of her most colorful tales are actually based on real, suppressed memories.