New Blacklist: Meatloaf 'Banned' For Being Republican

New Blacklist: Meatloaf 'Banned' For Being Republican

Those of us who understand how the New Blacklist works aren’t at all surprised to hear Meatloaf’s claim that after being outed as a Republican he now has fewer media outlets interested in helping him to promote his work.

But it’s the reaction of the Esquire writer that’s most interesting:

MEATLOAF: I’m not dealing with those subjects. Hell in a Handbasket is not dealing with the political nature of the country. It’s dealing with the humanity and the compassion of the world. I can give you an example — I’ve been banned from two TV shows.

ESQUIRE: For what?

ML: Because USA Today has me listed as a Republican.

ESQ: And the shows don’t want Republican guests?

ML: Yeah. I’ve heard those stories, but I didn’t really believe they’d do that.

ESQ: So the real issue you’re getting at on the album is a lack of humanity and compassion in the world?

ML: Yes, totally. A lack of humanity. A lack of compassion. A lack of self-examination, which is what “All of Me” [the first song] is about — the total disregard for one’s own humanity and how he looks at himself.

Note how the writer, Adam K. Raymond, is not only not surprised but this news but glosses over the claim as though it’s no big deal.

Any other kind of blacklist would likely be the headline and the meat of the story. But all Republicans get is a big ho-hum. 

Anyway, welcome to our side, Meatloaf. You’ll find that you now have fewer but more loyal friends. In fact, you’ll find that even if you become a man of the left again — we’ll remain your friends.


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