Left-wing Comedians Bill Maher and Louis C.K. Feel Limbaugh Backlash

Left-wing Comedians Bill Maher and Louis C.K. Feel Limbaugh Backlash

Rush Limbaugh says something inappropriate, the Left refuses to accept his apology, and a stupid crusade to take him off the air ensues.

As a result, the Right correctly cries hypocrisy and Bill Maher and Louis C.K. find themselves under fire for the many stupid and nasty things they’ve said.

This is a war and it’s a dumb war, but it’s here to stay thanks to the Leftists and their corrupt media allies who started it and conservatives who have finally learned to fight fire with fire.

Personally, I’d prefer to live in an America where the apologies of radio hosts are accepted and comedians are allowed to push whatever boundaries are out there without having to fear anything more than lower ratings. But conservatives can’t disarm ourselves and lay down a weapon currently being mercilessly wielded against us by politically correct neo-fascists using phony outrage as a partisan political tool to silence speech they disagree with.

Thankfully, the Left is currently losing this war. Limbaugh now finds himself in a position to tell the cowardly advertisers who fled him and are now crawling back to go pound sand. But as a consequence of a war his side started, Louis C.K. has now had to give up a prestigious gig and Bill Maher’s million dollar donation to Obama’s Super PAC is blowing back hard on the President and is now a gift that will keep on giving to Republicans until the money is returned.

Obviously, both Louis C.K. and Maher are guilty of saying some dreadful things, which I’ve been highly and publicly critical of.

But in a perfect world, this back and forth would begin and end in the arena of debate and not bleed over into boycotts, guilt-by-association, and a never-ending war of tit-for-tat that can only end with less speech not more.

The Left started it. They can also end it. But they won’t.


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