AMC Okays Minors Seeing Unrated 'Bully'

AMC Okays Minors Seeing Unrated 'Bully'

Screw the rules or the relationship between parent and child, we have a politically correct crusade to join!

AMC Theaters, however, is making an exception for the documentary Bully, which the Weinstein Company announced yesterday would be released this Friday unrated after the MPAA refused to lower its R rating for the film. Today, AMC decided it would allow ticket buyers under the age of 17 to see Bully — with permission. “AMC will be presenting Bully…as not rated,” said the theater-chain in a statement. “Guests younger than 17 can see the film if they are accompanied by a parent or adult guardian, or if they present a signed parental permission slip.”

Adult guardian or a parental permission slip. Please.

In other words, any child can get in.

There is no place the Left is happier than when they can influence a child behind the parent’s back — which is pretty much what the whole point of public education has become.

And now the Left has embraced and is pushing through popular culture this noxious anti-bullying campaign, which is just a Trojan horse way to further criminalize speech they disagree with, turn us all into a nation of government-dependent victims, and further emasculate our boys into emo crybabies who call the White House when they get pushed around instead of learning to fight back.

Smart business move, AMC. Way to join the divisive culture wars. 


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