Weekend Box Office: 'Hunger Games' Still #1, 'Titans' Solid #2, Julia Roberts Weak #3

Weekend Box Office: 'Hunger Games' Still #1, 'Titans' Solid #2, Julia Roberts Weak #3

The domestic box office continues to explode, especially when compared to Hollywood’s awful 2011, but Julia Roberts did not benefit from the resurgence. Though she was out front in the advertising campaign for Relativity’s take on the Snow White tale, what looked like a no-brainer blockbuster aimed at the kiddies and Roberts’ fans opened to a pretty weak $21 million.

The problem might very well be, though, that Roberts just doesn’t have the fan base she once did and, of course, competition from the phenom “Hunger Games,” which is only in its second week of release and shows no sign of slowing down. Relativity might have thought they could pick up those who had seen “Hunger Games” in week one, but with a week two take of $55 million it looks as though the dystopian romance is benefitting from plenty of return customers.


It’s another huge weekend for the North American box office with $150M, or +25% from last year. But there’s dissension among my sources over just how big Lionsgate’s humongous holdover “The Hunger Games” will be this weekend despite two new major releases opening against it. Warner Bros’ 3D action fantasy sequel  “Wrath Of The Titans” and Relativity Media’s Snow White family fare”Mirror Mirror” both received ‘B+’ CinemaScores from audiences even if critics were at best lukewarm. Meanwhile, we now know how low Disney’s $200M writeoff “John Carter” will go: it will be lucky to reach $70M domestic. Starting its 4th weekend in release, this disaster is already discounted: it’s playing at Valley Plaza 6 in Van Nuys for $2 before 6 PM and $3 after.  …

As for “Mirror Mirror”, its $85M budget was piggybacked by a very expensive full-frills TV ad campaign that didn’t justify just a $21M domestic debut — even if it did open to the studio’s lowball expectations.


1. “The Hunger Games” (Lionsgate) Week 2 [4,137 Theaters] PG13-Rated

Est Friday $19.5M (-71%), Est Weekend $55M, Est Cume $245M


2. “Wrath Of The Titans 3D” (Warner Bros) NEW [3,545 Theaters] PG13-Rated

Est Friday $12.0M, Est Weekend $37M


3. “Mirror Mirror” (Relativity) NEW [3,603 Theaters] PG-Rated

Est Friday $6.0M, Est Weekend $21.0M


4. “21 Jump Street” (Sony) Week 3 [3,148 Theaters] R-rated

Est Friday $4.5M, Est Weekend $14.5M, Est Cume $93.5M


5.”Dr Seuss’ The Lorax 3D” (Universal) Week 5 [3,264 Theaters] PG-rated

Est Friday $2.1M, Est Weekend $8.5M, Est Cume $190M


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