James Cameron: 'We All Feel a Sense Of Disappointment In Obama'

James Cameron: 'We All Feel a Sense Of Disappointment In Obama'

Hey, James Cameron finally said something we can all agree with. He’s a uniter, you know, not a divider. 

And we have one more thing to thank George W. Bush for:

After Bush was re-elected, you tore up your U.S. citizenship application and remained a Canadian. How are you grading Obama?

I think we all feel a sense of disappointment in Obama that promises were not kept. But I also think that he’s been handed the tiller just as the ship went into the rapids. It’s the same as when my friend Arnold Schwarzenegger took over the governorship of California.

In better news, Cameron loves him some guns and is moving out of The America:

You’ve been known to blow up fruit with an AK-47. You’ve protected your house in Malibu with a sophisticated fire-extinguishing system. Survivalist Web sites are having a field day now that you’re moving your family to a farm in New Zealand.

I’m a preparedness freak, but we’re moving to New Zealand for business and values reasons. With the “Avatar” films, all of my business is in New Zealand over the next few years. And I worked on my grandfather’s farm every summer throughout my childhood. I want my kids to grow up close to a value system that is about knowing where your food, energy and water comes from. You can’t do that in Malibu.

Yeah, I can’t wait to see that 30,000 square foot air conditioned “farm house.”

P.S. “Avatar” sucked.


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