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Stewart, Colbert Trounced in Ratings By Cartoons, Reruns, 'Pawn Stars'

Stewart, Colbert Trounced in Ratings By Cartoons, Reruns, 'Pawn Stars'

Jon Stewart pulled in a whopping 1.372 million viewers Monday, which only looks good when compared to Stephen Colbert, who pulled in less than a million.

Here’s the list. As you can see, something called “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and “Bad Girls Club” beat both of America’s satirists pretty handily. So did cartoons … and reruns of cartoons.




What I love about these posts that prove our clown-emperors are not only naked but media-created emperors, is that people get all angry over my reporting of this fact.  I know, I know — I’m supposed to be so outraged by Bill Maher that I don’t focus on these two sacred cows, but I just can’t help myself.

The other amusing part is when defenders of the naked emperors point to alternative media as proof of how influential the naked emperors are.

As Jon Stewart might say, “Really?”

You see, you can go to the “Daily Show/Colbert” sites and actually see how many views their videos receive. The top-viewed video, out of 20 videos on this page, received fewer than 200,000 views. Most of the videos received well under 100,000 views. In other words, there are cat-rides-skateboard videos on YouTube with more views than all 20 of Stewart’s most recent videos put together.

So on a good day, maybe 1% of the American people watch those who have been crowned “America’s Satirists.”   The only thing is that this whole “America’s Satirist” thing is a hustle —  a false reality created by the elite media around a couple of elite, millionaire, speech-policing leftists; and it has nothing whatsoever to do with … the people.  

It’s all a mainstream media scam used to protect Obama and to get leftist talking points out there using a Trojan horse marked “satire.”


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