Stewart Trashes Palin, Mocks Everyday Americans, Has No Idea What Socialism Is

Stewart Trashes Palin, Mocks Everyday Americans, Has No Idea What Socialism Is

On his low-rated cable show, Jon Stewart put on a display of intellectual dishonesty last night unlike anything we’ve seen in a while — which, if you watch his low-rated show — is saying a lot: 


As we enter yet another month of Barack Obama’s community organizing of America — Occupy Wall Street, the war on the Catholic Church, the crusade to silence Rush Limbaugh, Trayvon Martin, the bullying of the Supreme Court — or what I would call a deeply cynical re-election campaign to divide this country along racial, gender, and economic lines, suddenly Jon Stewart is all furrow-browed and hand-wringy over what he sees as divisiveness coming from … Sarah Palin.

Yes, the very same clownster who has not only stood by as Obama and his minions aggressively divided Americans, but who has in many cases aided and abetted that divisiveness (and not only through the complicity of silence), is now shocked and appalled that Palin would politely suggest Oprah put conservatives on her network and some “patriots who understand the Constitution.”

Here’s Mr. Charge-Zimmerman-The-Lone-Vigilante-With-A-Crime on OprahGate:

It’s the causal manner in which you accuse everyone you disagree with of dividing America, while simultaneously and very casually doing this. …

The simplicity and prejudice of your worldview, that the patriotism and goodness of something is in direct proportion only to the amount of conservatism in said thing. And that equation so rules your life that you offered that advice spontaneously to the question of, ‘How do you think Oprah’s doing?’

I gotta tell you, lady, that must be exhausting to live like that.

That would be experience talking.

First off, you have to take Palin’s comments painfully literally to use them as a way to spin off that sanctimonious lecture. Secondly, no one in this country has perfected the art of casually dividing Americans in the way Jon Stewart has. He’s always been a malevolent, divisive, passive-aggressive clown. 

The other part of Stewart’s misinformation campaign is making it seem as though Palin wasn’t entering the lion’s den of the liberal media. You know, because “The Today Show” is all chocolate rivers and cooking spots. Not where things like broadcasting a maliciously edited tape in order to throw gasoline on a racial fire would ever happen. Or something like this.

Nothing, however, proves Stewart’s intent to misinform more than his pretending that there’s some sort of contradiction in Palin pointing out that Obama engages in socialist policies and that it’s mainly Wall Street benefiting from those policies.

By definition, socialism is a two-tiered economic system where the very few benefit and the rest of us suffer. And those very few who benefit represent the government and those who earn favor or are controlled by the government. Those bailed-out welfare queens on Wall Street and the big businesses that reap millions from lobbyist-created loopholes and punitive government regulations that kill upstart competition most certainly fit that definition.

And Stewart knows this.

Finally, be sure to watch this video as “ballsy” Jon Stewart speaks! truth! to! power! by mocking the everyday Americans who support Sarah Palin. 

Yeah, that’s what America’s precious “satirists” are supposed to do: Protect those in power like the president and publicly ridicule the average citizen.


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