Alec Baldwin and 'Stalker' Dined Together in 2010

Alec Baldwin and 'Stalker' Dined Together in 2010

New York Post:

The struggling actress busted for allegedly stalking Alec Baldwin claims that they were lovers and that she wanted to have his baby, while he admits only to wining and dining her — in a “strictly professional” manner, of course, sources told The Post yesterday.

The “30 Rock” star told police he was merely trying to help French-Canadian hottie Genevieve Sabourin snag some movie roles in the United States when he twice took her to dinner in 2011, the sources said.

But Sabourin, 40, busted outside Baldwin’s Manhattan apartment building Sunday night, said the relationship was more — much more, according to the sources. …

But “cops questioned [Baldwin], and he denied [any affair],” the second source said.

While the hot-headed actor admitted that he had taken Sabourin to dinner, he insisted that the meetings were “strictly professional” and denied any “physical relationship” with the shapely blonde, the sources said.

According to the criminal complaint, the pair dined “briefly” together as far back as 2010. It was unclear whether Baldwin also had dinner with her after he started dating Thomas last May.

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