Half-Billion in Hollywood Corporate Welfare Passes In Sacramento

Half-Billion in Hollywood Corporate Welfare Passes In Sacramento

There are corporate welfare plans all over the country for Hollywood millionaires — and those welfare programs are disguised as “incentives.”

But the bottom line is that the already over-burdened American taxpayer is paying for movies and television and star salaries and swanky trailers:

The bill before California legislators would extend the program of $100 million in annual tax incentives for five years, to deter runaway production through 2020.

A five-year extension to the state of California’s tax incentive program to keep movie and TV production in the state unanimously passed the state Assembly Arts and Entertainment Committee on Tuesday morning. 

The bill, introduced by Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes and others, is meant to provide stability to the program which grants $100 million a year in tax credits to qualifying movies, TV shows and TV commercials shot in California. Under the current law the last incentives would be awarded in July 2013.

You and I are not only helping to pay the salaries of the top one-percent, we’re paying for product that attacks our country, our values, our faith, and who we are.

We’re paying for propaganda.

And this is how the entire system of our government is corrupted. Tax loopholes and these kinds of carve-outs only encourage Big Business to spend money on lobbyists instead of putting it towards improving the product so they don’t need government handouts.

Sure, proponents of these programs will argue that these tax cuts create jobs. Of course they do! And this is the only situation where hypocritical Hollywood Leftists and their hypocritical media minions will come out and admit that cutting taxes “for the rich” creates jobs — that trickle-down economics actually works…but only for them.

But why are Hollywood jobs more sacred than jobs in other industries? Why is the government picking winners and losers?

Because the top one-percenters in Hollywood have the political muscle to get special treatment with our money. Is anyone cutting taxes for your employer to make your job more secure?

I didn’t think so.  

What a racket.


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