Epic Testing Fail For Roseanne, Sarah Silverman Pilots

Epic Testing Fail For Roseanne, Sarah Silverman Pilots

Two pilots for TV series starring leftist comediennes are dying slow deaths. NBC, which had ordered shows from Roseanne Barr and Sarah Silverman, is leaking news that “Downwardly Mobile,” starring Barr, is dying in testing; Sarah Silverman’s pilot is also suffering the slings and arrows of outraged viewers.

Barr has been making imbecilic statements for years, of course, so it’s no shock that people no longer find her charming.

Of Sarah Palin:

I think she’s a loon and I think she’s kind of a traitor to this country because she would love to erase the line between church and state, which I think this country was founded upon and should never, ever be trifled with in any way . . . her followers are the dumbest people on Earth. … No, but seriously, they can barely scare up a pulse. I’m serious. They’re not, they are really stupid. They’re stupid.

Of Dick Cheney:

Dick Cheney didn’t earn one damn thing. Guy’s never worked an honest day in his life.

But even Barr pales in comparison to Silverman when it comes to stupidity. Just recently, Silverman posted a photo of herself with a distended belly and tweeted: “It’s a burrito!” A few hours later she added a photo of herself with a flat belly and Tweeted, “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.” Hilarious!  

This is the same woman who said of the Pope:

The bottom line is this: If you sell the Vatican, and you take that money, and you use it to feed every single human being on the planet, you will get crazy p***y. All the p***y. I don’t mean that literally.That might not be your cup of tea. I don’t know what your version of all the p***y is. But you’ll get all the p***y. Amen.”

Or her own genitalia: “I can’t keep up with all the stuff my vagina does. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of my lower half.”

Why wouldn’t shows by these delightful women test well? NBC remains puzzled.