'Glee' Co-Creator To Host Obama Fundraiser

'Glee' Co-Creator To Host Obama Fundraiser

Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of Fox’s “Glee,” is hosting a $25,000 per person fundraiser for President Barack Obama on June 6 at his home in Beverly Hills.

Murphy, who is openly gay and lives with his partner, is also the creator of the upcoming NBC sitcom “The New Normal,” which revolves around a gay couple who have a woman act as a surrogate mother for them. In the trailer for the show, one character says of the surrogate, “She’s just like an Easy Bake Oven, but with no rights to the cupcake.”

Obama, who came out last week in favor of same-sex marriage, is counting on his support within the gay community for help with fundraising. Just yesterday, Obama attended a fundraiser hosted by the LGBT Leadership Council, Ricky Martin (who is openly gay) and The Futuro Fund. And at the event, Obama stated that he wants the Defense of Marriage Act repealed. On Obama’s website, LGBT merchandise is sold.

Obama’s same-sex marriage posture has gay activists opening their wallets to support him. Chad Griffin, a member of Obama’s national finance committee, said, “For LGBT people across the country there has always been a bit of uncomfortableness, because no matter how much we support the president, we have to say that we don’t agree with him on everything, (same-sex marriage) being the example. Now the one thing that we had strong disagreements on, both publicly and privately with the president, has been taken off the table.”

The big question: now that women can be viewed simply as ovens to produce children, what do feminists have to say about all of this?


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