'Idol' Judge Tyler Buys $1.1 Million Car As Contestants Face Pay Cut

'Idol' Judge Tyler Buys $1.1 Million Car As Contestants Face Pay Cut

As we reported over the weekend, due to lower ratings, the decision has reportedly been made to slash the pay of “American Idol” contestants:

There is no question “American Idol” is a cash cow for Hollywood’s Top 1% — the producers and the network who are making gajillions off the show, the CDs, and the merchandising. Not to mention “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest and the celebrity judges.

Now that the show’s ratings are on the wane, though, who’s taking the real beating? The struggling wannabe stars who used to make $175,000 and will now make something closer to $30,000.

Today we learn that “Idol” and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has bought himself a $1.1 million car.

When will Occupy Wall Street occupy Hollywood? When will Barack Obama lecture the entertainment industry about “shared sacrifice” and how wrong it is for “Idol” producers and top-line talent to keep raking in gajillions of dollars — enough to waste on million dollar convertibles — while the rest walk away with $30,000 — which after taxes and expenses, can’t amount to much more than minimum wage.

The permanently outraged have no outrage for this.


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