Richer Than Romney: Jon Stewart's Mansions, Millions, and Tax Liens

Richer Than Romney: Jon Stewart's Mansions, Millions, and Tax Liens

Jon Stewart, the left-wing star of the low-rated “Daily Show,” might not be richer than Romney today, but the pace he’s currently on means that someday he may very well be.

Of course that means nothing to Stewart as he continues to carry Obama’s water and launch divisive class warfare attacks from the platform of a super PAC known as Comedy Central to attack Mitt Romney’s wealth.

Though Stewart distances himself from the “one-percenters” and bellows over their extravagance, his bank accounts bear all the marks of the “multi, multi, multi, multi millionaires” he mocks. The 49-year-old Stewart, born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, makes more than 300 times the median American salary, owns three luxury homes and sometimes doesn’t pay his taxes. …

While $80 million doesn’t yet put Stewart into the same wealth bracket as Romney, he is already on pace to be richer than the former Massachusetts governor when he reaches his age.

At his current earning rate, The Daily Show host’s net worth will be $320 million by the time he turns 65 — Romney’s current age. And that total doesn’t include increases in property value or other assets Stewart might accumulate.

Stewart also owns three opulent mansions and, get this, hides these assets under fake names:

He doesn’t technically own those homes. Using a trick mastered by countless one-percenters, the properties were purchased by private trusts. Stewart’s trusts are named after his pets.

The super-wealthy often make big-ticket purchases through trusts in order to protect their other assets from lawsuits, diminish estate tax liability, and avoid public scrutiny.

You can bet the Mr. ClownFaceFunnyMan is desperate to avoid “public scrutiny.”

Stewart also has problems paying his taxes:

The Empire State issued its first “state tax warrant” for the couple’s failure to pay $476.03, sending the notice to the address of the KLS Professional Advisors Group, the financial firm that manages Stewart’s money.

New York issued a second lien in September 2008, this time a $3,225.63 demand to Stewart’s wife Tracey — erroneously spelled “Tracy” but sent to the address of the Stewarts’ trusts.

Our friends at The Daily Caller have done some excellent reporting here. You’ll want to read the full report.

Additionally, look at the difference in how the two men became wealthy. Romney built something through Bain Capital, he saved businesses, created jobs, created product, and produced tangible value.

Stewart, on the other hand, isn’t creating jobs. Certainly, a handful of people help to keep his low-rated show running, but all Stewart really has to offer is smirk, sarcasm, and the tearing down of others and our country.

Jon Stewart is the monkey at the end of Obama and the mainstream media’s leash – the pet whose name they should use to purchase their own opulent mansions.  


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