Wounded Warrior: The Band of Pseudo Bronies Donation Drive

Wounded Warrior: The Band of Pseudo Bronies Donation Drive

Not too long ago on this very website, Kurt Schlichter introduced us to the world of Bronies. This expose unleashed a torrent of juvenile hate from offended man-children across the globe.

In attempt to bridge the gap I have put a challenge to the intrepid Colonel Schlichter. I found these Pretty Pony Hoodies online and challenged Kurt to wear one in public. Always thinking of his fellow servicemen, he agreed to don one of them and be seen in public, allowing himself to be photographed as well. He also made his gesture of peace towards the masculinity challenged Bronies conditional on raising at least $2500 for the Wounded Warrior Project. Not wanting to miss out on this chance to help spread love and #caring in the world we have set up a donation drive to raise the money we need to see Colonel Schlichter sporting a Pinkie Pie Hoodie.

With that, the Band of Pseudo Bronies was created. We’re part of the way to our goal and every dollar collected (with the exception of a small percentage taken by the processor) goes to Wounded Warrior Project.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Project, they have programs throughout the country to help injured servicemen and women deal with their wounds, both mental and physical. They help the warriors and their families with dealing with PTSD, with loss of limbs as well as assisting them to get on their feet financially. So, please join in and give back to those who’ve given the most to allow a group of emotionally stunted males enjoy a cartoon made for little girls. Oh, yes, and to get a good laugh at Kurt Schlichter’s expense. #Caring


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