Michael Moore Makes Fun of the Illiterate

Michael Moore Makes Fun of the Illiterate

Michael Moore, with his usual compassion and sensitivity, has described American citizens who are functionally illiterate with these kind words on Twitter:

44 million functional illiterates in the USA! It’s easy to manipulate ppl w/fear if u can keep them stupid thru “schools” media religion

It’s reflective of Moore’s elitism and hard-heartedness that he would choose to lampoon those who are ill-educated by likening them to what he thinks are conservatives. Of course, if anyone has been brainwashed by the public schools, academia, and the media in this country, everyone knows it’s Moore’s own leftists whom he unwittingly slanders. And when it comes to religion, it would not be a misstatement to aver that those leftists who champion the memes of abortion and global warming are less reasonable and more fanatical than most Americans who believe in a Judeo-Christian God.

But Moore’s true coldness can be elucidated when one looks at the figures for those considered functionally illiterate. In one study of the functionally illiterate, for example, almost 40% of Louisiana women with reading levels at eighth grade or below had no idea what mammograms were for, which meant that their ignorance could be fatal.

Senior citizens over 65 were the majority of the functionally illiterate; so much for the Democratic Party’s leftist hero showing compassion for the elderly.

And many of the functionally illiterate aren’t even identified, because they are too embarrassed to admit that they have a problem. Care to show some empathy, Mr. Moore?

The only one skewered should be Moore, for his derisiveness in joking about the illiterate. But if you’re going to skewer Moore, better be sure you have one hell of a spit.