Portman Flacks for Obama, Slams GOP

Portman Flacks for Obama, Slams GOP

You’re the parent of a young girl, and you know she watches TV, goes to the movies and is affected by the culture around her.

If you had a choice as to which role modelshe should emulate, would it be Natalie Portman, the actress who won an Oscar for making out with another woman on screen and showed up unabashed to accept her awarddisplaying her unwed pregnancy for all to see?

Don’t tell your daughter, but Portman thinks she has something to contribute to the2012 campaign: her mind.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Portman loftily offeredher critique of those nasty, uncompromising Republicans:

“I think the thing that is mostupsetting in the past four years is how partisan they’ve been in blocking Obama’s reforms.All of us should be putting our country first.”

Portman, who is appearing with Consigliore Valerie Jarrett and Cecilia Munozat the “Women Vote 2012 Summit” in Las Vegas, had more erudite tidbits tooffer:

“Nevada is a battleground state, and the women are really going to decide thiselection.”

Waxing eloquent, the star offered her deep thoughts about women’s rights; whenasked if she thought Romney/Ryan would roll back women’s health care and equal rights,Portman said, “That’s what they’re saying they want to do.”

She added that they would doway with “… our right to choose. We would go back to the days where being pregnant isa pre-existing condition.”

One could understand why the libertine Portman would be on the side of abortion rights;she’s certainly the poster child for alternative behavior. But morally speaking, this swanis really an ugly duckling underneath.