Grenier's Green Fantasy: 'Entourage' Star Sings Obama's Praises

Grenier's Green Fantasy: 'Entourage' Star Sings Obama's Praises

“Entourage” star Adrian Grenier, who appeared with his band The Honey Brothers at the Impact Arts + Film Fund party to kick off the Democratic National Convention yesterday, had some profound things to say about his favorite president.

“I love what he’s been doing in order to actually bolster green businesses. I just heard in fact that not only do they have a garden on the White House [grounds] … but they’re also making their own beer. And what’s more fun than beer? And they’re actually sweetening the beer with honey made from the bees they have at the White House. To me, that’s living by example and that does more than any legislation.”

Deep thoughts from a deep thinker. Kinda sorta like wow, man. Grenier’s full of profound thoughts – you can tell from his Tweets:

May 7: Life is chaos, without form. All meaning is what we give to it; like clouds when we give them shape. Look a dog, a face, a fantastic life.

July 23: Big Oil=public enemy #1 Watch your financial portfolios drop if we don’t shift to alt. energy 

Shh, don’t mention the $535 million Obama Solyndra loan around this guy and the nearly 2,000 jobs lost.

Don’t mention the “Green Jobs” initiative cost $38.6 billion or approximately $5 million per job, and the jobs Obama called green could include being a janitor at a solar panel plant or a worker employed part-time at a used record or clothing shop.

Above all, don’t wake the green Grenier from his trance; if he thinks sweetening beer with honey made from trees is a sign of Obama’s greatness, wait until he finds out what Obama does with dogs.


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