'Arrested Development's' Cross: Romney 'Doesn't Give a S*** About You'

'Arrested Development's' Cross: Romney 'Doesn't Give a S*** About You'

Comedian David Cross didn’t gulp the Obama Kool Aid over the past few years.

The “Arrested Development” star has more than a few gripes about President Barack Obama’s first term.

“You were lied to, seduced by yet another smooth talking politician who promised you hope and change,” he  writes … in an essay designed to convince you to vote for … President Barack Obama once more.

Cross is simply saving his real ire for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is a craven, out-of-touch, capitalist robot (and not the fun kind either) with an understanding and compassion for the working class sourced from brief, sweeping platitudes told to him by his staff just before having to meet one. He doesn’t give a shit about you…or your mom, or your friends, or your children.

Cross then turns his anger loose on … you, people who may be voting for Romney come Fall.

In no small part, a lot of the voters that Romney appeals to are part of a backwards, ignorant electorate who truly believe that our current president is a Kenyan Marxist with an evil plan to let Muslim fundamentalists take over the world while he gleefully gives the good Christian Right’s money he’s stolen to lazy niggers and spics.


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