Occupy Unmasked Screens At Democratic National Convention Event

Occupy Unmasked Screens At Democratic National Convention Event

Filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon, executive producer Larry Solov and cast members Brandon Darby, Anita MonCrief and Lee Stranahan took the Occupy movement exposé, “Occupy Unmasked,” to the Democratical National Convention in Charlotte today. The film was produced by the leading conservative organization Citizens United.

“We wanted to go behind ‘enemy lines’ because this film is really about creating a dialogue that hasn’t existed. The media showed the public one side of Occupy. We’re showing the other,” Bannon said. 

Bannon has described the movie as ‘a war film’ that documents both the history of the Occupy movement and the ideology and organization behind it. 

Larry Solov, lifelong friend of Andrew Breitbart and CEO of Breitbart News, said: “This project is Andrew Breitbart’s legacy, and Andrew lights up the screen throughout the film. He’s missed every day and especially at this screening in Charlotte, where he would have loved confronting the liberal establishment with the logical conclusion of their philosophy — the disaster and chaos of the Occupy movement.”

“Occupy Unmasked” will be followed by the screening of another Stephen K. Bannon film, “The Hope and the Change,” which likewise was featured at the Republican National Convention in Tampa last week and also was the topic of top-rated special editions of Fox News’ “Hannity” program several times in the past several days.

The following are the details of the screening:

The screenings will take place in conjunction with Libertystock 2012 on Thursday, September 6, at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille in Charlotte, North Carolina. “Occupy Unmasked” will be screened at 12 p.m. and “The Hope and The Change” will be screened at 3 p.m. (RSVP HERE). 

WHO: David N. Bossie, Producer and President of Citizens United, Stephen K. Bannon, Writer/Director

WHAT: Screening Schedule for “The Hope and The Change” and “Occupy Unmasked”

WHEN: Thursday, September 6th at 12pm: “Occupy Unmasked”; 3pm: “The Hope and The Change”

WHERE: Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, 911 E. Moorehead St., Charlotte, NC 28204


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