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'Nice Guy' Hanks Moans About Narrow Red Carpet

'Nice Guy' Hanks Moans About Narrow Red Carpet

Tom Hanks is Hollywood’s reigning Everyman.

Hanks can play a lovesick widower, an Army Rangers captain, a man stranded on a desert island or a little boy trapped in a grown up’s body.

Hanks radiates regular guy appeal in every incarnation.

Recently, the actor’s off-screen behavior has put that image in jeopardy. First came his wrong-headed comments complaining U.S. forces battling the Axis powers in World War II were racist. Then, we saw embarrassing video of him alongside a white man dressed in black face and testimony that he turned away from a Vietnam Veteran.

Now, we learn Hanks isn’t too keen on getting close to “the little people,” the folks who  buy the movie tickets that made him a very rich man.

“I got a question about the Toronto International Film Festival,” the Oscar winner told the room, containing T.I.F.F. staff members and volunteers in addition to press. “Why do you run your celebrities through a pen like we’re bulls on the way to slaughter? It’s like the narrowest kind of entrance to a theater I’ve ever had. I thought someone was going to be there on the other side with a prod they were going to put through my head. It was a very, very scary enterprise.”

Hanks wasn’t done. He then said he loved a scene in his new film “Cloud Atlas” where his character threw a critic off a balcony to his violent death.

“That was my favorite part. Oh god how I loved it.”


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