'Occupy Unmasked' Review: Shredding the Lies of the Movement

'Occupy Unmasked' Review: Shredding the Lies of the Movement

The Occupy Wall Street movement was not an innocent attempt by youth across America that broke out spontaneously. It was, instead, a movement that was insidiously plotted by forces that intended to eliminate the United States forever from the free, liberty-loving, last best hope on earth it has always been.

The late Andrew Breitbart, with his close friend Stephen K. Bannon, producer of the hit documentary “The Undefeated,” teamed up to make “Occupy Unmasked.” Breitbart’s last work rips away the façade from the Occupy movement and lays bare for all the world to see how nefarious the movement truly is.

As Bannon succinctly states, “For those who’ve been paying attention, this film is an affirmation. For those who haven’t, it’s a revelation.”

No stone was left unturned in the making of the film; the duo pored over video evidence, documented proof, and exposed e-mail chains galore. Bannon was unflinching in his condemnation:

This is not a bunch of college kids and hippies putting this thing together. Below the surface is a very dark, very ugly and very dangerous group of people. They managed to change the narrative. Their goal is to create chaos, destroy the system. They want to create anarchy, put the system in crisis and from crisis gain power.

The film’s first four minutes remind viewers of the situation in the country in 2011, with the news focused on the national debt and the debt ceiling, parroting the meme that the Occupy movement grew from innocent youths protesting the American system. Bannon and Breitbart then show exactly how “innocent” the Occupiers were: from the violence at the encampments, including multiple rapes, to the drug use; from the property destruction to the defecating on police cars.

The film starts to appear even more sinister when it reveals the organizers behind the protests. One organizer, Malcolm Harris, a self-described communist, lied to the Occupiers in order to get them to Zuccotti park by telling them the band Radiohead would be playing there. And just as you’d expect, a New York Times writer helped him get that message out.

Employee unions were instrumental in organizing the protests, of course, since their socialistic goals were absolutely in sync with the Occupy movement. “Occupy Unmasked” even shows how the unions are still organizing, protesting and occupying.

But the most frightening information the film divulges is exactly what the real goals of the Occupiers not only were, but are for the future. If forewarned means forearmed, there is no question that this film must be seen by Americans if they don’t want their children and children’s children to wake up one day in a fascist state where liberty is a distant memory.


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