Eva Longoria Goes Full Weiner: Blames Twitter for Vulgar Re-tweet

Eva Longoria Goes Full Weiner: Blames Twitter for Vulgar Re-tweet

Actress Eva Longoria isn’t just an actress, nor is she merely a supporter of President Obama’s. The truth is that she holds an esteemed, high-profile and  official position with the Obama campaign as a co-chair. Moreover, Longoria enjoyed a prime speaking slot at the Democratic convention and is a vital and official part of Obama’s efforts to reach out to Hispanics.

Longoria is  also a full-throated leftist, which manifested itself yesterday when this tweet was re-tweeted in her verified account:

Eva Longoria nasty Tweet

Granted re-tweets aren’t necessarily endorsements, but with no irony or pushback sprinkled into the re-tweet, what exactly are conservative women and conservative minorities supposed to think (my wife is both and I know what she thought).

Today, though, this Obama campaign co-chair only made things worse for herself. Rather than apologize like a grown-up or leave things with her wordless deleting of the Tweet, Longoria just proved with this Tweet that she believes “accountability” is something her maid should accept:

Yep, that’s right — Longoria just went Full-Weiner. Like disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, Longoria wants us to believe that some glitch in The Twitter is what might have caused that nasty, insulting, vulgar tweet to appear in a Obama co-chair’s timeline.

And now we know that Longoria is not only intolerant of those who dare disagree with Her Majesty’s political wisdom, she also isn’t all that terribly bright.

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