Top Liberal Calls for Eva Longoria's Resignation from Obama Campaign

Top Liberal Calls for Eva Longoria's Resignation from Obama Campaign

After re-tweeting a tweet that declared as “stupid” any and all minorities and women who support a “racist/misogynist twat” named Mitt Romney, and then attempting to cover it up Anthony Weiner-style with a bizarre tweet blaming Twitter for “things in my timeline” — actress and Obama campaign co-chair Eva  Longoria is now learning something about accountability. This morning, Longoria was forced to tweet out an apology. Now her resignation from the Obama campaign has been called for.

For high-profile Obama supporter, Alan Colmes, it looks as though Longoria’s apology was too little and way too late. Today on Fox News, the Democrat called for Ms. Longoria to resign from her high-profile perch on the Obama campaign.

I’m not in the business of calling for people to be fired or to step down. But 19 days out from the election and with the president focusing solely on attracting women back to his campaign, it’s impossible to see how this focus on Ms. Longoria’s insulting intolerance is doing Obama much good. Essentially, Longoria’s retweet looks like an endorsement of the kind of caveman-thinking that demands women only think and vote one way — the way in which they are told.

The last thing a president in trouble and grabbing hold of lifeline marked “women” needs now is one of his most famous campaign officials looking as though she opposes women thinking for themselves and demanding they all be put into “binders” marked Democrat Party — you know, if they want to be seen as not “stupid.”

Personally, as a partisan who loves the fact that Ms. Longoria has become a shining example of left-wing hate and intolerance thisclose to election day, I hope President Obama gives her a promotion.


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