Tim Allen: Give Your Money Away Before Government Takes It

Tim Allen: Give Your Money Away Before Government Takes It

Sitcom star Tim Allen isn’t an outspoken conservative, but he knows a thing or two about how money works. Or, in some cases, doesn’t work if simply handed out or taken by the government.

Allen shared his personal tale on finances and Uncle Sam’s lust for our cold, hard cash during an interesting exchange Wednesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST: Does your family ask you for money when you go back home?


KIMMEL: Do they? Yeah, yeah.

ALLEN: Does that ever work, you know? This folds into the government, doesn’t it?

KIMMEL: I think it does work.

ALLEN: You can’t give people money and help them. It doesn’t work.

KIMMEL: Yeah, but they’re willing to try.

ALLEN: Yeah, they are definitely willing to. Oh, God, did you bring up a sore one.

KIMMEL: Well, why don’t you make an announcement right now that you’re headed home and you won’t be giving any money to anyone?

ALLEN: Well, you know what I look at sometimes, I say, “Rather them than the government.”

KIMMEL: I see.

ALLEN: You know, you better give your money away before it gets taken from you.


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