Golden Globes Appease Liberal Hollywood by Honoring 'Game Change"

Golden Globes Appease Liberal Hollywood by Honoring 'Game Change"

Hollywood denizens gathered to stroke their egos last night by handing out the annual Golden Globe Awards. Two prizes were given to liberal actors who portrayed caricatures of Governor Palin and Sen. John McCain in the HBO film “Game Change.” Even more pathetic was naming the project “Best Television Film.”

All of it was yet another attempt to legitimize a piece of garbage captured on celluloid. And the actors in question, Julianne Moore and Ed Harris, were useful pawns to desperately elevate the sorry film as “historical fiction.”

It may seem harsh to call it garbage, but when you look at the definition of “garbage,” the HBO fictitious film is just that. From The Oxford College Dictionary:

… a thing that is considered worthless or meaningless.

If the shoe fits, wear it. Numerous writers – John Nolte at, Stacy Drake and Damian Geminder, to name a few – have thoroughly exposed the garbage for what it is, herehere and here.

Gratefully, so has Jason Recher, an adviser to Gov. Palin during and after the election, who was actually present during the campaign. He set the record straight, once again last night, via CNN:

It comes as no surprise that the Hollywood Foreign Press recognized another Hollywood group, HBO, for their work of fiction and awarded a prize for best fictional filmmaking,” Recher told CNN. “The reality was an original American story, not a screenplay by people who only imagined events to fit their fiction.” …

Recher said Sunday’s award show was a vivid example of Hollywood liberalism at work.

“The media is reporting last night was Hollywood shining the light on and celebrating women,” he said. “It’s clear however they only celebrate women who fit their political ideology. Women who don’t conform to their liberal values are torn down in terribly harsh ways – a clear double standard which was awarded last night.”

While CNN claims that the creators of the film say they “relied on people both critical of and sympathetic to” Gov. Palin, they don’t reveal the names of those “sympathetic” people.  Could it be because they did no such thing? Breitbart News’ Nolte noted this even in March 2012! Writes Nolte: (emphasis mine)

By my count, including Governor Palin, who’s gone on the record with various statements and her own fact-checked-to-death autobiography, “Going Rogue,” we now have 11 people — 10 of them on the record — who were there during the campaign and who vigorously and openly dispute the malicious way in which the Governor is portrayed in HBO’s “Game Change.”

The most important thing to remember, is that a few of these individuals did speak to the “Game Change” authors and screenwriter, but rather than take the word of those willing to speak out in the open, those writers CHOSE instead to take the word of those who refused to go on the record.

If you have nearly a dozen people, either telling you or willing to tell you the same story openly, why then would you choose to go with bomb-throwers living in the shadows.

That’s a rhetorical question.

Can someone please give Moore and Harris a copy of “Undefeated,” Steve Bannon’s documentary (read: fact filled, historically based film)? Sadly, Moore still lives under the liberal rocks otherwise known as Hollywood and Manhattan:

In her acceptance speech, Moore thanked comedian Tina Fey and former CBS anchor Katie Couric for making “a significant difference in the 2008 election.” Fey famously mocked Palin on “Saturday Night Live,” and Couric won plaudits for an interview with Palin in which the vice presidential nominee seemed flustered and unprepared.

And then give her a copy of Gov. Palin’s book, “Going Rogue,” and Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr.’s book, “Our Sarah.” Perhaps then she will fully grasp the errors of her way.


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