Super Bowl Crushes Oscars: 115 Million to 39 Million

Super Bowl Crushes Oscars: 115 Million to 39 Million

Last night, an estimated 114.7 million people watched the championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Football’s biggest night, which is filled with patriotism, masculinity and greatness unencumbered by a trophy-for-everyone mentality — the most conservative cultural moment of the year — set a new record for the most-watched event in U.S. history.

By comparison, the most recent Academy Awards’ ceremony — Hollywood’s biggest night — only managed to grab 39.3 million viewers.

Traditional, conservative American culture is still extremely popular in America. The media does a great job of smothering us with narratives that say the opposite is true, but it’s not.

Those looking to shape and grow wealthy from the culture should look to the NFL, not Hollywood, and certainly not the media that carries Hollywood’s water.  

Why do you think there is this sudden media-push to destroy the NFL over injuries? You think the left and the media care about football players anymore than they care about the Sandy Hook that happens every month on the streets of Chicago? Of course they don’t.

Like gun control, it’s all about culture wars; all about toxifying illiberal American traditions like the patriotism that surrounds football and the individualism that comes with gun ownership.


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