Marine Rips 50 Cent for Wearing Dress Blues

Marine Rips 50 Cent for Wearing Dress Blues

Rapper 50 Cent has often donned the Marine Corps uniform despite never having served. But last week, one Cpl. Matthew Schafer posted to 50 Cent’s Facebook photo album with the following entry:

My Name Is Cpl Schafer Matthew B United States Marine Corps And The Reason I Am Writing This Is To Ask You What The F– You Think Your Doing Disgracing My Uniform We All Damn Well Know You NEVER Served In My Corps What Makes You Think You Have The Right To Put Medals On Your Chest That You Didnt Earn I Wanna Know Who The F– You Think You Are And Who Gives You The Right To Impersonate A Marine!?

The post quickly went viral, attracting in excess of 120,000 likes. But 50 Cent’s friends came out of the woodwork, labeling Schafer a tool of the state, as well. As of this writing, 50 Cent had not responded to the controversy.


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