George Takei: Move Olympics Out of Russia

George Takei: Move Olympics Out of Russia

George Takei, best known as the original Sulu on Star Trek, but recently an activist for LGBT issues, has spoken out against Russia’s anti-gay laws, and is insisting that the 2014 Olympics be removed from Russia.

On his blog, he wrote:

Given this position, the IOC must do the right thing, protect its athletes and the fans, and move the 2014 Winter Olympics out of Russia . . . Would this be their opinion if the law instead called for the arrest of any Jews, Roman Catholics or Muslims should they display any sign of their religion, such as a wearing a yarmulke or praying while facing Mecca? Discrimination in any form is a blight upon the Winter Games, and it must not be tolerated.

On MSNBC’s The Last Word Wednesday, Takei said having the Olympics in Russia would having the Olympics in Sochi would “besmirch the Olympics name as well as all the corporate [sponsors]…This is a situation of good vs. evil. It is evil that is happening there, and we must not play into Putin’s game.”