Sarah Palin to GOP: Stand Up for Life Like 'Duck Dynasty' Star

Sarah Palin to GOP: Stand Up for Life Like 'Duck Dynasty' Star

Praising Duck Dynasty for its record ratings and its star for speaking out against the country’s abortion culture, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Wednesday said Republican leaders in Washington should be as bold as the Duck Dynasty cast and “wake up” to hear some duck calls from outside the Beltway.

In particular, Palin blasted Republican establishment leaders in Washington, saying Americans were “not rooting for your social truces.” Her comments were in reference to the truces that former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and prominent financial backers of New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie have called for. 

She praised “Duck Commander” Willie Robertson for speaking out against abortion and said his type of boldness is what Americans “desire and deserve.”

‘Todd and I had a great time meeting Duck Commander Willie Robertson at this year’s NRA convention. And just the other day, Phil Robertson offered some of their refreshing trademark plainspoken talk that so many crave from our leaders in Washington,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “Speaking on the issue of the sanctity of life, Phil reminds us that all life is God-given, no matter how small or how special.”

Palin also praised the “Duck dudes Duck dudes for speaking their minds, and for their boldness in living the American dream of LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — reminding us all that it’s only with freedom that anything is possible.”

“Like those 3:00 am wake up calls to join my dad duck hunting in the canoe before the school day began, it’s time our politicians wake up and hear some Duck calls from far outside the beltway,” she wrote. “The self-made, hugely successful businessmen (and women) of Duck Dynasty made history this week with the ‘most watched non-fiction series’ in TV history. What’s most interesting and inspiring is to see the number of young people tuning in to watch this all-American, hard working family — and learn the key to their success (as well as tips on how best to bag the ducks!).”

Many political observers, including The Hill‘s Bernie Quigley, have suggested Palin may be one the most important and powerful people in American politics and culture because she most resonates with Duck Dynasty Nation. 


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