New Abortion Video Game Navigates Around Texas Abortion Laws

New Abortion Video Game Navigates Around Texas Abortion Laws

A new video game called Choice: Texas is aptly described, according to its website, as “a very serious game.”

The new interactive fiction game asks players “to navigate the many (and growing) barriers to abortion” in Texas.

The abortion video game was developed and designed by Carly Kocurek and Allyson Whipple using research into Texas legal regulations and demographics to create fictional characters who encounter realistic situations, financial and geographic limitations to abortion, and personal choices and goals.

Players will be asked to take on the role of a woman, consider her situation, and provide her with empathy and understanding as she makes her quest to find an abortion in Texas.

The creators of Choice: Texas use a video (below) to explain the many reasons why the game is necessary.

Regarding the video, pro-life organization Live Action says:

What are the oh-so-awful barriers to abortion in Texas?

Waiting periods! Parental consent! “Biased” counseling! Oh, and worst of all…mandatory ultrasounds which by no means are medically necessary, and definitely are not already the industry standard.

“This game is about an important issue effecting [sic] women in Texas, and is intended as a means of further discussion and empathy,” said Kocurek. “We really think games can facilitate further conversation about and understanding of these kinds of issues.”

On August 19, Choice: Texas launched an IndieGoGo campaign that will last through September 15. During the campaign, the game has been released for free play on its website. Funds are being raised to support its development and publicity. With 17 days left, Choice: Texas had already reached 75 percent of its goal to raise $9,250.

An entry on August 27 from the game’s website:

Choice: Texas is an interactive fiction game that allows users to attempt to get an abortion in the state. As you might’ve guessed via your womanly intuition/following the coverage of the insanity in Texas, it ain’t easy to be a woman in the Lone Star State these days.

Hey y’all! We’re in Jezebel today!

A note of support for the new video game from Jezebel:

Sounds like a uniquely challenging game, and maybe something every anti-choice legislator should be forced to play. Is there a fund we can contribute to that makes sure our government actually takes care of its citizens — including women? Because apparently the benefits of taxation don’t always extend to vaginas.


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