Russell Simmons Toasts Rev. Al Sharpton, Ignores MSNBC Host's Legacy of Division

Russell Simmons Toasts Rev. Al Sharpton, Ignores MSNBC Host's Legacy of Division

Russell Simmons’ Twitter feed features life affirmations meant to inspire his social media followers.

Earlier today, the hip hop mogul sent out this Tweet: “Every day set the simple goal of trying to be more awake and less distracted”

Yet he also found time to link via Twitter to his birthday tribute to one of the most divisive figures in the media–Rev. Al Sharpton, part of MSNBC’s nightly news schedule.

59 years is a long time to live. But, 59 years is even longer when you have committed your life to service. When you have committed your life to uplifting your community. When you have made an impact that reverberates into the history books of our beloved nation. That is exactly what the Reverend Al Sharpton has done. And for that, at the beginning of his 59th year of life, let’s celebrate and applaud him for his tireless work.

And what tireless work did Simmons leave out? Let’s hand it over to Truth Revolt, the new organization dedicated to exposing folks like Sharpton as well as the financial powers behind his work.

From his Tawana Brawley hoax to his defense of Duke lacrosse accuser Crystal Mangum, from his fanning of racial flames during the Trayvon Martin incident to his involvement in theCrown Heights riots and the Freddie’s Fashion Mart murders, Sharpton has a long history of inciting racial unrest and division. He’s done it for both the fame and the cash; he has a net worth in the millions. Meanwhile, his followers are still told that racist America wants to keep blacks from success.


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