ObamaCare Crashes Late Night Monologues

ObamaCare Crashes Late Night Monologues

As the Democrats and White House watch President Barack Obama’s signature accomplishment crumble before the nation’s eyes, another rift has opened up right in the middle of late night television.

While Obama has been given a pass for the past five years, avoiding the late-night persecution that was suffered by all his predecessors, the Affordable Care Act has been too big a disaster to be ignored. ObamaCare has provided the opening jokes of almost every late night talk show this week

Since Jay Leno has been the only host who has consistently ribbed Obama, it’s no surprise that he’s clearly still the leader here. On both Tuesday and Wednesday nights The Tonight Show host devoted three-minute monologues to the failed plan.

Verizon is being brought in to fix the website … Verizon [is] adding a special feature, where if you’re sick, you’ll be able to check your life expectancy by how many bars you have left.”

Consumer Reports says to wait a few weeks for the website to be fixed. Really, a few weeks? When was the last time the government fixed anything in a few weeks? We still have troops in Korea.

Leno’s competitors jumped on board to mock ObamaCare. Jimmy Fallon, NBC’s hope for bringing the younger demographic over from Adult Swim, has been hitting lines into the next yard:

Good news, the nation’s unemployment rate went down to 7.2% last month. It went down after 148,000 jobs were added. Of course, all those people were hired to fix the ObamaCare website.

Over on TBS, Conan O’Brien is delivering lines that seem to leave his liberal audience puzzled. It’s weird to watch funny jokes getting the silent treatment:

Good news for the President: Despite all the website problems the approval rating for ObamaCare has gone up. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the exact number, because it’s listed on the ObamaCare website.

Jimmy Kimmel was pretty hands-off this week, his only remark coming on Tuesday. Kimmel said the new iPad is “the fastest and most vivid way to not be able to log on to the ObamaCare website yet.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live did, however, manage to get a huge laugh out of me. The show’s Tuesday guest, former Vice President Al Gore, said with a straight face that he flies on Southwest now.

David Letterman picked a good week to go on vacation, since The Late Show host has been having a difficult time over the past five years realizing that George W. Bush is no longer the President. (I think his writers haven’t decided yet which one will break the news to him)

He’s also been solidly in line with ObamaCare. During the rollout, back in early October, he was actually shilling for it in comic fashion:

This ObamaCare is unbelievably good. With the Bronze plan you get Morphine, but with the Platinum, you get Morphine con Queso!

I can’t wait for him to get back on the air just to see how he blames Bush for ObamaCare’s disastrous rollout.


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