'Baywatch' Star Says L.A. Dwellers Consider Spiritual People 'Crazy'

'Baywatch' Star Says L.A. Dwellers Consider Spiritual People 'Crazy'

Former Baywatch beauty Brooke Burns doesn’t hide her faith, but the actress admits that causes friction on the set.

Burns told Fox News she grew up in a Christian family and kept her faith when she started getting work in Hollywood. She quickly learned being open about her spirituality made her persona non grata at times.

FOX411: It is not cool to talk about faith in Hollywood?

Burns: I grew up in Texas. My dad is in the oil business but he also did missionary work. In Texas if you don’t go to church you’re strange, in L.A. if you go to church you’re crazy. That was something I had to learn. It’s a choice. I should be able to believe in what I want to believe in and so should you. It shouldn’t be an area of tension. It’s interesting, a lot of times when you bring it up, it becomes as controversial, if not more, than bringing up politics.


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