Ripping Fox News: 5 Global Warming Facts Jon Stewart Covered Up

Ripping Fox News: 5 Global Warming Facts Jon Stewart Covered Up

Left-wing comedian Jon Stewart ripped into Fox news Monday for daring to question The Man; The Man in this case being the media, Democrats, our government, and a bunch of climate scientists whose climate models are evaporating before our very eyes. The only thing more disheartening than a comedian mocking those who do question authority is one who aids The Man in the cover-up.

After you watch Stewart shill for The Man, I’ll list five inconvenient global warming truths he chose not to share with his viewers and trained seal audience:

1. Stewart does speed-talk through the fact that the planet isn’t warming as quickly as scientists predicted. What he leaves out is the most important piece of information: The scientific models Global Warming alarmists base their alarmism on are proving to be just plain old wrong.

2. Forty years ago, many of the same people were screaming about Global Cooling.

3. Ice build-up in the Antarctic is currently at record levels.

4. The climate scientists Stewart holds up as paragons of virtue have engaged in the kind of cover ups that would put a financial institution out of business and its officers in a federal prison.

5. Not only has the atmosphere stopped warming, so have the oceans.

Stewart doesn’t even find it bizarre or suspicious that the only solution to Climate Change is to check off every item on the Marxist wish-list — from socialism to vegetenarianism.



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