Report: Jay Z, Beyoncé Buy Two-Year-Old Daughter $75,000 Purebred Horse

Report: Jay Z, Beyoncé Buy Two-Year-Old Daughter $75,000 Purebred Horse

The urban celebrity website Mediatakeout made waves Tuesday with what it claims is a “world exclusive” on the lavish celebrations of Blue Ivy Carter’s birthday. According to the site, Jay Z and Beyoncé have bought the girl a purebred Arabian horse.

Mediatakeout cites a source “Beyonce camp SNITCH” claiming that the child “loves animals and expressed interest in having a horse,” so her parents got her one – an Arabian horse with a $75,000 price tag that is “suitable for competing in equestrian.”

Mediatakeout is an urban tabloid website that mostly links to other sources but will occasionally claim to have some original, generally dubious scoop. This story, citing only one source and crediting no one but Mediatakeout, certainly raised some eyebrows (unfortunately, Mediatakeout has nothing for us regarding the day’s other big celebrity birthday, Nicolas Cage’s). 

However, the story has gained some traction, getting picked up by TMZ and Jezebel, the latter even admitting a big reason to believe it is that Jay Z and Beyoncé’s reputations make it “kind of totally plausible,” even if Mediatakeout leaves something to be desired in the thoroughness of its reporting. 

Blue Ivy’s parents have made it nearly a media tradition to analyze the many gifts they give her, beginning with the $600,000 rocking horse she received upon coming home from the hospital. Her birth itself caused controversy when reports that other, non-famous families might have been inconvenienced to make room for Jay Z and Beyoncé surfaced. Then there is the matter of her parents’ life of luxury, which manifests itself often in the public eye with all manner of material expenses, like six-figure bar tabs

Despite reports of lavish spending, Jay Z seems to consider himself a friend of the poor. Not one to shy away from discussing wealth inequality, he told Bill Maher during an appearance on Real Time once that America’s “real problem is there’s no middle class” and that “no amount of police” could stop the unrest of the public about wealth. Jay Z’s concern for wealth inequality did not stop him and his wife from last year’s trip to a country so unequal it had, for many years, a different currency for rich people. The couple flagrantly disregarded the law to travel to Cuba on vacation last year and enjoy the tourist-only parts of the island, perhaps a luxury afforded to them by their cushy relationship with the White House.