Biblical Baby Names to Make Comeback in 2014

Biblical Baby Names to Make Comeback in 2014

In December, Breitbart News’ Christian Toto wrote that 2014 will be the year that Bible-based movies make a comeback. Channeling the trend, the editor of a social baby naming website says that, after many years, people are feeling stronger about expressing their faith and will show it in the names of the new babies born this year.

According to Catholic News Agency (CNA), Lucie Wisco, editor of Belly Ballot, is predicting that more parents will choose traditional Biblical names for their babies in 2014.

“Biblical names surging back into our culture is a great turn for the better,” says Wisco. “After many years, it shows that people are feeling stronger about their faith, and that they have hope once again.”

Visitors to Belly Ballot can share their choices for baby names with family and friends on social media who, in turn, can cast ballots for their favorite names to assist parents in making the selection.

Data collected by Belly Ballot from 3,500 parents and 25,000 votes of families and friends who visit the website show that Biblical names will be more popular in 2014 than in recent years.

Wisco said that in the last few years, parents have tended to “invent” names by using “bizarre spellings,” but expects the return to Biblical names suggests a longing to “go back to original values and traditions to find the comfort and peace once again.”

In a blog post Friday, Wisco highlighted the fact that Dancing with the Stars performers Alex Mazo and Edyta Silwinska named their new son Michael, and kept the classic spelling.

Though names such as Noah, Ethan, Michael, and Abigail have been among the 10 most popular names, more parents are choosing Biblical names such as Naomi, Caleb, Judith, and Levi.

Data from Wisco’s site also indicates that names ending in -den, such as Brayden or Jayden, are fading in popularity, as are names featuring the letter “x,” such as Xander.