Female Director: Hollywood Liberals Not on Women's Side

Female Director: Hollywood Liberals Not on Women's Side

German-born director Lexi Alexander has read all the recent headlines about the dearth of female directors in Hollywood. She didn’t have to, though. She’s lived it already, and she’s more than a little mad that the status quo exists in supposedly progressive Hollywood.

Alexander took to IndieWire.com to share her frustrations, and she didn’t hold back when it came time to pointing fingers at who is to blame. Her countdown to the culprits responsible includes entertainment journalists unwilling to dig deeper into the issue. She also takes on the supposedly progressive men in the industry who offer only lip service to solving the problem.

… Gender discrimination in Hollywood goes far beyond women simply not getting the gig. It is reflected in movie budgets, P&A budgets, the size of distribution deals (if a female director’s movie is lucky enough to score one), official and unofficial internship or mentorship opportunities, union eligibility, etc.

… Women in Hollywood have no male allies. There are some who pretend to be on our side, but yeah, not really. They may say the right thing because, after all, they’re liberals and that’s a public image they’d like to keep up. Others may actually believe in gender equality, but are not willing to put up a fight for it that could sacrifice their own status or relationships.


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