AARP Gives 'Jack Ryan' Reboot Its First 'Movies for Grownups' Seal

AARP Gives 'Jack Ryan' Reboot Its First 'Movies for Grownups' Seal

The reboot of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character didn’t get a franchise-ready reception from movie goers over the weekend.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit took in just $15 million, less than both the cop comedy Ride Along and the children’s film The Nut Job. The thriller, starring Chris Pine as a young, raw Jack Ryan, did score a unique prize from the AARP.

The group gave Jack Ryan its inaugural “Movies for Grownups” seal, an award that says the reboot isn’t another effects-laden affair meant to bludgeon our senses. The seal identifies movies “with a distinct relevance to the 50+ audience.” It’s a far cry from the youthful demographic Hollywood often chases, but it does reflect the fact that older movie goers make up a sizable part of the overall ticket-buying public. 

“Returning the beloved Tom Clancy character of Jack Ryan to the big screen, the film features performances by 50+ talents including director and co-star Sir Kenneth Branagh and co-star Kevin Costner,” Myrna Blyth, SVP and Editorial Director of AARP Media said in a statement.

The seal means Jack Ryan will get an additional promotional boost and extra screenings during its theatrical run. It remains to be seen if the AARP endorsement will help its chances of restarting the Ryan franchise.