Hollywood Playbook: Today's Top 5 News Items

Hollywood Playbook: Today's Top 5 News Items

Hollywood Trivializes Marriage at Grammys

While I oppose same-sex marriage (but am a longtime supporter of civil unions), I have no doubt that there are many well-meaning same-sex couples who sincerely wish to enter into the sacred arms of matrimony. And it should be anyone sincere about the sanctity of marriage — gay or straight — most troubled with the Grammys for trivializing this sacrament into window dressing for — of all things —  a Madonna performance.

If Hollywood and the Left want to prove to the American people that to them marriage is nothing more than a joke – an entertainment prop, only about scoring sanctimonious political points, sticking it to the right, and some kind of publicity-generator for “Bennifers” — by all means use this sacred ceremony in place of background dancers while Madonna vamps.


Quentin Tarantino Suing Gawker for LINKING  ‘Hateful Eight’ Script

Gawker can burn for all I care, but Tarantino is suing Gawker for linking to other sites hosting his leaked “Hateful Eight” script. Mmm-kay. Gawker didn’t host the script, they linked to a site that did. What if I link to the Gawker post linking the “Hateful Eight” script? Will I be sued? Will Kevin Bacon?

This whole uproar is starting to give off the stench of Harvey Weinstein’s well-honed tactic of stirring artificial feuds and legal battles as a way to generate free publicity. If the film is made, Weinstein is almost certain to be a producer. I’m already bored.


Theatre Owners Call for Shorter Movie Trailers

The problem isn’t that the trailers are too long; the problem is that theatre owners run 15-20 minutes of trailers before the movie starts. The experience is punishing and one of a handful of reasons I don’t miss going to the movies.

If Hollywood gives in to this, let’s hope that the part of the trailer that is excised is the part that gives away all of the plot.


Sundance Channel Rebrands As SundanceTV

So we are all clear, you now never watch SundanceTV instead of the Sundance Channel.

Through your cable bill, though, you might still be subsidizing it.


Kroft on Leno: ‘They’re Forcing Him Out While He’s a Solid No. 1’

Jay Leno is 64. Johnny Carson was 66 when he retired. But 64 isn’t what is used to be, and as much as I revere Carson, his ratings were slipping when he left. Leno was his permanent guest-host at the time and pulling younger viewers, mainly through the booking of the newer musical acts Carson just didn’t want anything to do with.

Leno is going out on top with all viewers, including younger viewers. NBC might regret that they didn’t re-sign Leno for another four or two years.

What television network wouldn’t want to sign The King of Late Night while he is still King?


Quick Hits

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Don’t Miss “Get Carter” (1971) Tuesday at 10 p.m. on TCM…


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