Report: Bill Clinton Had Affair with Elizabeth Hurley, Actress Denies

Report: Bill Clinton Had Affair with Elizabeth Hurley, Actress Denies
BREITBART NEWS says it has audio evidence it believes links former President Bill Clinton with British stunner Elizabeth Hurley, news that could add baggage to Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.

The actress shot down the affair report via Twitter today, saying she would seek legal counsel on the matter.

For now says actor Tom Sizemore of Saving Private Ryan fame can be heard on the tape describing how the president once flew Hurley into D.C. and bedded her while his wife, Hillary Clinton, slept in the adjacent room during the couple’s affair.

The audio conversations, given to Radar and GLOBE in a “joint investigation,” feature Sizemore describing how he brought the two together in the first place. The actor claims Clinton asked for Hurley’s number after he learned Sizemore and the starlet were no longer an item.

Give it to me. You dumb mother*****r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.” The actor obliged, but before dialing, he says the President was already covering his tracks, thinking of his oblivious and long-suffering wife Hillary in the other room. “[Clinton] said, ‘I’m going to say I asked you about your uncle, Ted Sizemore, who played professional baseball,” Sizemore recalls. “That’s the lie. Don’t forget it.’

Sizemore has grappled with serious addiction issues over the years and ended up serving time on battery charges, areas of his life he explored in his tell-all memoir By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There.