'True Detective' Draws Raves, Higher Ratings than HBO's 'Girls'

'True Detective' Draws Raves, Higher Ratings than HBO's 'Girls'

The HBO original series True Detective gets a fraction of the press Girls receives despite the presence of two major movie stars and consistently higher ratings.

The show’s quality presentation and time-shifting appeal may start to change that.

Sunday night’s episode, Who Goes There, featured an extended tracking shot Time.com dubbed a “tour de force.”

True Detective is obviously, even more than most HBO shows, a series that aims to challenge the movies, from its style to its casting. But this bravura scene doesn’t feel like a gimmick for the sake of being “cinematic.” Rather, the difficulty built into the shooting challenge-the chaos, the frenzy, the feeling that everything could go off the rails-directly served the story in “Who Goes There.

A Houston-based blogger for The Houston Chronicle said, “If you haven’t been watching HBO’s True Detective, you are making a big mistake.” 

The eight-episode series, which stars Oscar nominees Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, already has earned a second season.