Amber Heard Hearts Slinging Lead on Screen

Amber Heard Hearts Slinging Lead on Screen

This is no way for an actress to endear herself to Hollywood’s cocktail party circuit.

Amber Heard, the beautiful star of films like Machete Kills, Zombieland and Drive Angry, is doing the press rounds for her new thriller 3 Days to Kill.

She told a pack of reporters a little about her role in the film, one that apparently requires some gun play. She apparently didn’t mind one bit. Here’s how she described the kinds of roles she prefers.

I would always prefer to shoot the gun than wear a wedding dress,” Heard said at a Beverly Hills press conference to trump the film, in which she plays a spy – opposite Kevin Costner – who’s got her fair share of trigger-happy predilections. 

“It is far more interesting to me,” she explained.

Heard is engaged to A-list star Johnny Depp.