Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will: Don't Raise My Son in Hollywood

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will: Don't Raise My Son in Hollywood

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s will, which was drawn up in October 2004 when his son Cooper was only one year old and his daughters were not yet born, stipulated that Cooper be raised in one of three cities. Los Angeles, with Hollywood’s Tinseltown, was not one of them. 

Hoffman requested that his son be raised in Chicago, San Francisco, or New York if the mother of his children, Mimi O’Donnell, had predeceased him and a guardian had been appointed.

The document, released by the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court on Wednesday, read

It is my strong desire, and not direction to my guardian, that my son, Cooper Hoffman be raised and reside in or near the borough of Manhattan in the State of New York, or Chicago Illinois, or San Francisco, California … The purpose of this request is so that my son will be exposed to the culture, arts and architecture that such cities offer.

If Cooper could not live permanently in one of the three cities, Hoffman wanted him to visit one at least twice a year. O’Donnell was named the estate’s trustee and executrix of his will.

According to law enforcement sources, Hoffman, 46, died in his apartment with a needle in his arm. Also present were roughly 50 envelopes of what appeared to be heroin, syringes, prescription drugs, and empty plastic bags often used for drugs.

Hoffman received four Oscar nominations, winning in 2006 for Capote.