Robert Lopez Becomes Youngest EGOT Winner with 'Frozen' Oscar

Robert Lopez Becomes Youngest EGOT Winner with 'Frozen' Oscar

The NBC sitcom 30 Rock never garnered the big ratings that other critically hailed shows, like Cheers or Seinfeld, received. The Tina Fey series did help one word enter the popular lexicon–EGOT.

The term stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, the four major arts awards given to the best of the best.

Sunday night, Robert Lopez became the youngest member of the exclusive EGOT club when a song he co-wrote, the Frozen anthem Let It Go, earned the Best Original Song Oscar.

Lopez earned his Grammy for “The Book of Mormon,” He won two Tony Awards, the first in 2004 for “Avenue Q” and the second for “The Book of Mormon” in 2011. He also has two Daytime Emmy Awards, both for “Wonder Pets.” But despite all the accolades, he’s quick to acknowledge his colleagues. 

Sadly, one of the other 12 EGOT winners, Liza Minnelli, got taunted by Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres during the show’s opening monologue. DeGeneres quipped that Minnelli was merely a great Liza impersonator, later referring to the star as a “he.”

The Daily News notes that 30 Rock didn’t create the term EGOT. Former Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas is credited with an obsession with winning all four EGOT awards and donning an EGOT medallion for inspiration. Fey’s show merely ratched up interest in the term.