Critic: 'Noah' Betrays Essence of Biblical Character

Critic: 'Noah' Betrays Essence of Biblical Character

The big question for faithful movie goers this month is how Hollywood will treat one of the Bible’s most inspiring stories.

Noah, starring Russell Crowe and director by Darren Aronofsky, is set to hit theaters March 28. Early test screenings have yielded mixed responses from faith-based crowds. Now, a screening of the film in Mexico City yielded more split response. One Mexican film critic, though, described the film in a way which won’t make spiritual audiences pleased.

Mexico City-based W Radio critic Mario P. Szekely said he doubts the film will connect with Mexican audiences.

“They won’t connect emotionally with the main character because it betrays the essence of the biblical character, and the payoff just isn’t good enough,” he said.