Liam Neeson Questions Bill DeBlasio's Manhood

Liam Neeson Questions Bill DeBlasio's Manhood

While running for New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio promised he would ban the iconic horse-drawn carriages that circle Central Park, and now that he’s keeping that promise action star Liam Neeson is fighting back and questioning the mayor’s manhood.

Hoping to pressure the DeBlasio into changing his mind, the Oscar-nominated actor and Manhattan resident invited the media and New York City council members to one of the stables where the horses stay when not creating memories for New York City romantics and tourists.

People Magazine reports that in reference to the mayor not showing up for the tour, Neeson said, “He should have manned up and come.”

DeBlasio responded to Neeson by promising to spend time with the actor.

In a recent poll, DeBlasio, who won the election with over 70% of the vote, was sitting at a 39% job approval ratings.



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